Bulk Mailers

Bulk Email press release and marketing campaigns

bulk email marketing campaigns

Are you looking to distribute press releases, marketing campaigns or special offers via email to a target audience but don’t know where to begin?

Bulk emailing is still an effective method of getting your message across, and coupling with social media campaigns and onsite web content it’s possible to make maximum impact for low investment.

We can utilise your existing mailing list databases and also provide additional email databases to ensure the best possible penetration to a targeted demographic audience, we offer this service for one-off or ongoing campaigns, with no minimum contract or commitment.

Our bulk mail services include:

  • Help with bypassing anti-spam filters
  • Provide authenticated SMTP (outbound mail) solutions to help ensure message delivery
  • Manage your opt-in database, either manually or by providing an automated facility
  • Provide demographically tailored opt-in mailing lists to ensure your message gets to the right people
  • Capture newsletter and email subscriptions from your website
  • Distribute your message to unlimited sized databases
  • Design HTML email templates to fit in with your branding
  • Provide accurate statistics using click-through reporting and tracking
  • Compose regular newsletters and press releases perfected to your business requirements
  • Advise on what content is required to have maximum impact.
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